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Coutts4 "Canada's Political Prisoners"

Gord Magill speaks with Tucker Carlson EP:68

Ep. 68 Whatever happened to the truckers who dared to protest Justin Trudeau? Some of them are still in jail, years later.

Trucker Gord Magill explains how darkness has descended on Canada.


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Justice for James Sowery

James Sowery was sentenced to 10 months jail time today because he ran over a pylon at the Coutts border protest after being waved through by a RCMP officer.

He's now doing time for said "mistake". 

To show the outrageous comparison and fluctuations in our justice system I just want to add that I once was robbed at gunpoint when I was a loss prevention officer.... This criminal did 6 months jail time! SIX MONTHS! 

And our freedom loving family man James is sent to prison for a PYLON! If you don't think they are trying to make an example of these men and scare us into backing down, give your head a shake. These are innocent loving family men. 


James, I know we haven't known each other for a long time, but I do know you have a heart bigger than earth itself and you just want to love and support everyone through these hard times. You would give the shirt off your back to anyone. 
Well we will continue to love and support you. 

Thank you a million times over, we have your back James, stay brave!  
Please support James and his family in any way you can during this time, even kind words or a thoughtful message changes lives. 


Meet the Canadian patriots who were arrested and dealt a miscarriage of justice.


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Interview "HateGate" with Caryma Sa'ad(Voice of GO(r)D)

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