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About Anthony Olienick:

Tony is a man who knows the importance of keeping our "GOD GIVEN RIGHTS". Leaving the world a better place for future generations. Tony is a man who fought back against mandates and government overreach.

Tony owned a company called Iron Rock Enterprises Ltd, building his business from the ground up. Tony's love for equipment started when he was a young boy. His company services included, hauling, track hoe services, dozers, bobcats, demolition, landscaping and snow removal services. Tony was involved in the clean up of the High River flood. Tony ran his business with exceptional pride. Tony is a man who knows the importance of supporting local, his way of giving back was always reducing the rates for the little guy. Tony has been greatly missed by the locals and local business as he offered exceptional service. Since this injustice Tony has had to sell all his equipment and has lost his business in order to pay his legal fees.

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